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Mathematics by Gauri Purohit

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Timings : 07:00 To 08:30 Asia/Kolkata

Weekdays : M- T - W - TH - F - S - SU

Duration : 07-Jul-2018 To 31-Mar-2019

Classroom Type : Video Classroom

Fee () : 21,240.00 13,275.00

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Total Fee () : 21,240.00 13,275.00 (Discount : 7,965.00)

Description :

My subject is maths, which needs more n more practice. I teach my students concepts and then make them practice in front of me. I design the test for every student. I make a special bond with every student and teach them according to each students understanding and capability. I assure my student will gain confidence, liking, interest towards maths which eventually increases their scores. I make sure they are completely comfortable with the concept by using real life examples, most of the times the examples that the student can relate with their own life. I always want my students to be confident and positive in anything they do.