MyVclasses® is next generation online live virtual classroom to help students to learn anything from anywhere at any time.

MyVclasses® acts as facilitator between students and tutors.

No, Its absolutely free. However, You have to pay at the time of enrollment of any classroom.

MyVclasses® will offer demo classes for absolutely free.

You have to be registered student/tutor to enroll or attend any classroom.
Yes, will charge on pro-rata basis and will refund you remaining fee.
Example: You have enrolled for 30 Days class and would like to request for refund after 10 Days.
We will charge only for 10 Days and will refund remaining 20 days fee.
MyVclasses® offers Demo, Audio and Video classrooms.
Video and Demo classroom are same where as Demo classroom is free.
Audio classroom supports all the features except video.
MyVclasses® is desktop/Laptop version. You need Desktop/Laptop to attend/host classroom.
MyVclasses® needs Adobe Flash supported browser to attend/host any classroom.
You need Flash supported web browser. MyVclasses® suggest you to use Google Chrome.
Install Pepper Flash player if you want to use Firefox on Linux based OS.
Its very simple. Just click on "Refund request" button. New window will open with refund fee details.
Click and confirm button to get the refund.